You need more than a lawyer – you need a trustworthy advocate. Foust brings the power, tenacity and experience that your case deserves.
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Criminal Law

When facing criminal charges, have absolute confidence that your constitutional rights are being protected.

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured due to another individual’s negligence, you need an experienced legal representative who can battle for your right to necessary compensation.

Family Law

In the midst of complicated family issues, secure a successful outcome with legal guidance you can trust.

Fighting On Your Behalf

An experienced trial lawyer, Bridget Foust has the skills and knowledge to protect your rights. From Criminal Law and Family Law to Personal Injury, she will fiercely fight to give you the best possible outcome. When you need trustworthy, tenacious legal representation, look no further than Bridget Foust.

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5 Tips for When You’re Questioned by an Officer

5 Tips for When You’re Questioned by an Officer

It can be terrifying to be stopped and questioned by an officer. If this ever happens, you need to be prepared. More than likely, you will have a rush of adrenaline and not know the best way to act. The advice below will help you know what to do and what not to do so...

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Trends in Law

Trends in Law

The Grant County, Indiana civil forfeiture case is on its way to the United States Supreme Court. Did you know that your property could be seized by the State of Indiana if you are charged with certain criminal offenses? Examples of property include your...

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10 Things to Know… If being placed under ARREST.

10 Things to Know… If being placed under ARREST.

10 Things to Know…If being placed under ARREST: Whether it is your first time or not, being arrested is a traumatic experience. You need to know how to act in advance so that you don’t panic in the moment. The ten guidelines below will help you stay smart in the event...

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